I never thought I would need PEN’s legal services.  I had been teaching for 34 years and been nominated several times as Teacher of the Year.  But in my 34th year of my teaching career, one of my ESE student’s parents requested that I let her son take a test as many times as it took for him to pass the test.  When I explained to her that I could not do that, she began calling the school and sending emails to DOE telling them things that were not true about what I was doing to her son.  I called PEN and within a few hours, I was speaking with an attorney and he listened to my situation and advised me on how to proceed.  He stayed in contact with me until the issue was resolved.  I am so thankful I filled out that PEN brochure that was in my school mailbox. - Polk County Educator  

A parent accused me of being mean and abusive to her child because he told her I grabbed him by the arm.  I was called in for my statement and was notified that I was under investigation.  PEN was there for me throughout the entire process.  I was completely exonerated, but what I found out later was that it could have resulted in criminal charges if they had found evidence that the parent was right.  It really gives you a peace of mind when you know you have an attorney on your side.  Thanks PEN!   - Okaloosa County Educator 

I believed one of my students was being abused by a guardian.  I called the PEN representative and she told me that I was obligated to report this to the district.  I was interviewed by the district, the DCF and the sheriff’s department.   The PEN attorney advised me of the laws, helped me prepare my statement and advised me on the process.  It all turned out fine in the end, but would have been a really scary time if I had not had an attorney advising me. - Palm Beach County Educator 

Due to an injury, my doctor prescribed that I would need to adjust several of my job related activities.  PEN helped me with getting the district to make accommodations so I could keep on working.  It was a relief to have PEN speak out for me and make sure that my rights were not violated.  - Miami-Dade Educator